Moji Yogi is the Founder & Director of YOGA SAREETA


Moji is a Registered Teacher with Yoga Alliance E-RYT-500.

He was born in a Jam Devalia village District of Jamnagar, of Middle West Coastal area in Saurashtra region  in state of Gujarat in India..

As a child, he grew up in a Bhakti – Yogi loving family.

Many people who were born in this area being Self-Realized Mystics and Masters.

Some of the spiritual areas in Saurashtra region are:

  • Dwarka – One of the Lord Krishna’s Kingdoms & the 4th Pilgrimage of Hindus
  • Porbandar – The birth place of Mahatma Gandhi and Mystic Sudama
  • Girnar Mountain -The Spiritual practice place of Tantric Yogis or Naga Sadhus.  
    And Some other path of Yogis. This is the oldest place in India for the practice of
    Sadhana (Spritual practice) – a place for those seeking inner life.

Education: – Swami has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Mumbai University
The Spiritual Journey:-After Graduation his spiritual journey started; he practiced various
meditation techniques for many years at different Ashrams in India for Inner Experience. 
Finally his way brought him to the Yoga path.

Since 2001 he has consistently been practicing yoga

In 2008 he started teaching yoga in India

In 2010, he moved to Austria to share his teaching in Vienna, Austria.

In 2012, he continued to spread his love of yoga to the people in Baden, Austria.

In 2013, he began weekly yoga camping retreats all over Europe.

In 2015 he ran a Yoga Workshop in Saint Petersburg in Russia.

In 2018 he moved to United Kingdom for share yoga in London in England.