RYT 200 YTTC [Certified by Yoga Alliance]

Our School Conducts a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in 2 Yoga Styles given below

    • Classical Yoga – “RYT-200 Hours YTTC in Classical Yoga”
    • Vinyasa Flow– “RYT-200 Hours YTTC in Vinyasa Flow”

General Information about 2 Yoga Styles

  • Classical Yoga

Patanjali composed the Yoga Sutra which consists of 195 Aphorisms. They expound the Raja Yoga or the Eight-fold path, which are meant to be memorized, as it is not in written form

As per Patanjali, each individual is composed of matter (prakriti) and spirit (purusha). He further said that yoga would restore the spirit to its absolute reality, a teaching that saw a transformation from dualism to non-dualism

Our Teaching is according to Patanjali`s Sutra & Hatha Pradipika (Hatha Yoga)

we follow traditional classical yoga with lots of variations

  • Ashtanga Yoga (Vinyasa Flow)

Vinyasa means “Connection”. In terms of Yoga Asana, we can interpret this as a connection between ‘Movement’ and ‘Breath

In Vinyasa Yoga the movement is synchronized to the breath (Ujjai). This style is also called Flow or Dynamic Yoga, because of the smooth way that the poses change one by one but in such a manner that it is moving altogether and appears like a dance. The breath becomes an important component because the teacher will instruct you to move from one pose to the next on an inhale or an exhale.

RYT 200 Hours YTTC Yoga Teacher Training Course
The benefits of doing this course are

  • This course is not only for those who want to Teach but is also for those who want to deepen ones own yoga practice and sharpen ones knowledge
  • Set up your own school or brighten your career as a Teacher and share this knowledge by being a Teacher & also undergo Self practice
  • Be a Member of the Biggest Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) immediately after completion of the Training Program
  • Job opportunity in any Yoga Studio, School or Fitness centre etc.

Experience the Yogic way of life by staying in the Yoga School in Meditative energy, with vegetarian food and constant practice.

What is included in RYT 200 YTTC Training

  • Our Training Program includes Practice, Mentoring, Guidance, Teaching and Observing other students Teaching, Getting Feedback and also Giving Feedback
  • You are mentored by our teachers who will make improvements in you by noticing your mistakes and giving you feedback that will improve your knowledge and teaching skills
  • You get an opportunity to teach in classes during the course
  • Getting deeper knowledge of the yogic lifestyle practices like Ayurveda and Nutrition
  • Exploring various types of Asanas thoroughly by including their benefits, alignment variations, verbal and hands-on cues along-with its risks, contradictions and limitations
  • Learn about prenatal yoga
  • Expert and Experienced instructors broaden your knowledge by presenting Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy, History and Literature in an interesting narrated format
  • Give you practical useful real-life examples to study ethics that should be implemented
  • Also learn how to work with students who have injuries and other limiting conditions
  • Great benefit of on-going connection with students from various countries and Cultures at our Yoga Centre
  • Extra opportunity to live in beautiful locations close to nature in sunny weather, along with leaving behind your daily routine for one month and
    focusing solely on yoga and yourself.
  • Also teach you how to deal with student’s injuries and safety precautions 

Guide to Grow Professionally

  • Practice + Planning: Providing you with proper training along with practical experience in planning classes and sequencing asana, pranayama and meditation practices. Also preparing you for undertaking more challenging practical experience in teaching asana and carefully handling the entire class
  • Practice + Professionalism: Detailed information on the professionalism of yoga
  • Guidance even after you Graduate: One to One Personal Mentoring with our teachers


Any adults may attend



It is based on the 5 Points of Yoga which can be understood as the practical application of the traditional 4 Paths of Yoga

Daily schedule includes: – 2 Meditation Sessions, 2 Yoga Classes, 2 Lectures, 1 Hour of service to the Ashram Community (Karma Yoga)

NOTE: – 1 day off in every week 


Daily Asana Teaching Class – Teaches you how to teach Asanas in detail

Daily Asana Practice Class–You yourself Practice Asanas to increase your flexibility &experience

It consists of

  • Sun Salutation
  • Basic Yoga Postures
  • Sequence of Postures
  • Postural Alignment
  • Beginners to Intermediate Level asanas and variations
  • Getting Auto suggestion by Experiencing Deep Relaxation
  • Releasing of blocked energy
  • Providing Training session for all age groups 


Enhances Physical Fitness

  • Get relief from chronic ailments such as constipation, rheumatism, stomach complaints
  • Stimulate circulation
  • Stabilise thyroid functions
  • Keep muscles youthful and supple into old age
  • Get rid of the excess fat in the body
  • It brings body awareness
  • Improves Mental Fitness
  • Improves Concentration
  • Controls Emotions(Like Anger & many other emotions) 

    • AnulomaViloma, Bhastrika, Bhramari, Sitali, Sitkari, Surya Bheda, Ujjayi, Samanu


    • Nervous System gets relaxed
    • Purifies the nadis (subtle energy channels)
    • Balances the two hemispheres of the brain
    • Awakens the Inner Spiritual Energy


Bandha means Lock, they are used along-with Mudras to lock & seal the Prana into certain areas. There are three types of Bandhas: Jalandhara, Uddiyana and Moola

In order to awaken the potential of Psychic Energy known as Kundalini

They are also very essential for the Advance Practice.


It is a Gesture which is used to seal Energy


There are six Kriyas:Tratak, Neti, Kapalabhati, Dhauti, Nauli and Basti

These Kriyas are classical purification exercises for the Eyes, Nose, Air Passages, Oesophagus and Stomach, Abdominal Organs and Large Intestine. We also explain its effects & demonstrate these exercises.


  • How to set up a proper environment for class?
  • How to teach Beginners and Intermediates students the Basic Postures and Breathing Exercises?
  • General Instructions about teaching in a class 

Instructions on Conducting Various Types of Courses & Practices like

  • The Basic Sivananda class
  • Beginners Level
  • Intermediate Level
  • Relaxation
  • Detailed correction workshops

Special Programs like

  • Yoga for Children
  • Yoga for Senior Citizens
  • Yoga for Pregnant Woman (Prenatal)


  • Details about the major body systems
  • Information on the 8 systems of the body
  • Useful Tips on Diet and Nutrition
  • Effects of Asanas and Pranayama on Digestion, Respiration, Skeletal and Muscular Systems, Cardiovascular Systems and Endocrine Systems


  • Health, Spiritual and ethical reasons for Vegetarianism
  • Effects of the diet on the mind
  • Nutrition with its Ayurvedic principles
  • Proper balancing of the main nutrients
  • Healing effects of fasting


  • What is Meditation?
  • Why one does Meditation?
  • Physical and mental meditation
  • Informing about Effects of Meditation and sharing Experiences in it
  • Daily Practice of a Few Steps
  • Chanting Mantras – Experiencing the Spiritual Energy in Sound
  • Mantra Initiation


  • ‘Ha’ means Sun & ‘Tha’ means ‘Moon’ – Balances both these energies
  • Body (Tan) – Mind (Man) – Prana (Vital Energy of Life)
  • Practice meditation to make you have control over your mind and body
  • Awareness about implementing ethical and moral principles


  • Understanding the functions of the mind [Antahkarana]
  • Focusing on Concentration and Meditation
  • Practicing 8 Limbs of Yoga [Ashtanga]


  • Information about 7 Chakras
  • The absolute knowledge of how it manifests itself in nature
  • Awakening of cosmic energy


  • Chanting Classical Sanskrit mantras [Sloka, Kirtan]
  • Information about Indian Gods providing their cosmic meaning
  • Pujas and Aarti by Traditional Indian Rituals
  • Chanting opens up your heart and makes your mind pure
  • A strong feeling of Devotion and a very pure Vibration is developed with daily chanting
  • Correct Pronunciation, Devotional Attitude and Awareness of meaning are all-important in devotional chanting


  • Stay fit, healthy and get immeasurable joy by reducing Selfishness and Egoism through the practice of selfless service
  • In order to run the community smoothly you might be asked to do various tasks like Gardening, Cooking, Cleaning, Office Work or some other work
  • Information about the Law of Cause and Effect
  • The Cycle of Birth and Death [Sansara Chakra]

Karma Yoga – 1 hour daily Selfless service in the Ashram Community


  • Introduction to Vedanta philosophy
  • Space, Time, Causation
  • Information about the 7 Bhoomikas or Planes of Consciousness
  • The 3 bodies + 3 levels of the mind
  • Conquest of death


  • Law of retribution
  • Law of action and reaction
  • Destiny and self-effort
  • Law of compensation


One of the greatest spiritual texts of the world which provides the solution of the Eternal Struggle between Spirituality and the Materialistic desire in every human being. The content in it is subtle and has profound teachings and a universality that embraces every aspect of human action 


‘Sat’ is a Sanskrit word which means ‘truth’ and ‘Sang’ means company

Therefore Satsang means in the company of truth or in the company of truth seekers

Half an hour silent meditation, Half an Hour Chanting and A Talk or Reading (Aspects of Yoga Philosophy)

This shows you the way to peace and happiness along with developing a strong and steady meditation practice

NOTE: – An Exam is conducted at the end of the Training which is to be done by every student 


  • The prerequisite of Yoga is a high degree of self-discipline and purity
  • A Learning Attitude &Openness to the teachings of yoga is required
  • To get the ultimate benefit of the programme you must attend all asana classes, meditation sessions, lectures and spiritual activities
  • MUST NOTE: Catering to personal dietary preferences beyond the yogic-vegetarian meal is not possible
  • Non Vegetarian (Food Meat, fish, eggs), Black Tea, Coffee, Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs and nudity are prohibited during the course
  • Participants not complying with the rules of School may be dismissed from the course at anytime 



  • 2 Pairs of yoga pants & T-Shirts
  • 200 Hours Teacher Training Course manual 


  • Yoga mat, cushion, blanket, Kriya set


  • Comfortable as well as warm clothing
  • Notebook, pen, torch (flashlight)
  • Sandals or slippers for indoors, walking shoes
  • Towel, toiletries, Neti pot, mosquito net,

Directions to us

  • Transportation at your Cost & Responsibility
  • Location and dates on how to reach us will be sent to you on registration
  • About Arrival – 1 day before the program begins
  • About Departure– Leave on the day after the course ends

(Please do not arrive late or plan to leave early)

  • In case you wish to arrive a few days earlier to adjust to the new environment or stay longer after the course finishes, you may do so, BUT you must inform the school prior to arrival to arrange this.


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By applying for the course, you confirm that you have read and understood and accept all the terms and conditions and Yoga Disciplines
you can now apply for the Course

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