1. Private Yoga for an Individual (one on one session)

2. Private Yoga for senior citizens

3. Private Yoga session for your family

4. Yoga sessions for Children

5. Private Prenatal Sessions

Benefits of Private Yoga for an Individual (one on one session)

Yoga makes you feel relaxed by helping you minimise stress and maximise happiness.

* The Person can share his/her physical limitations without feeling shy.

* In a group one has to go with the flow of the group where as in a private
session you can work at your own pace.

* When needed we would plan the class according to your body structure
and flexibility and comfort level.

* We can identify and work on your weaker points helping you gain faster improvement in Asana and breathing.

* We correct your posture verbally and physically.

* It helps one to get started with yoga through personal sessions in order to gain confidence to eventually practice in a group.

* It gives you the freedom to choose your location and timing convenient to you.