I am a beginner. Can I join the YTTC Course?
Yes, of course any fresher can join whether having any awareness about Yoga or not.

What about VISA?
Visa is must whether it may be Tourist Visa or Student Visa in case you are coming from abroad countries (except a few Visa Free Countries)

What is the duration of the Yoga Teacher Training Courses?
YTTC runs for 4 weeks

What is the language of course?

Do you provide a translator?
No we don’t provide but you can bring the translator at your own cost

What if I don’t wish to become a yoga teacher after completing the YTTC?
Yes it’s fine, it is up to you It is not at all compulsory to become a yoga teacher There are many who join this course to deepen practice of Yoga Asanas, Meditation or knowledge about Ayurveda, nutrition, etc.

What is the maximum number of students on the YTTC?
24 students maximum in 200 YTTC & 18 students maximum in 500 YTTC

What type of Yoga will we be taught in the YTTC/Intensive Yoga Course?
We offer courses in 3 styles of Yoga – Classical Yoga, Vinyasa Flow & Iyenger Yoga You can select course in any of the style as per your convenience

Will I have an opportunity to teach on the YTTC?
Yes of course,in-fact you have to teach to your colleagues as part of your Curriculum

Will a course manual be provided?
Yes, course manuals are provided

Do I have to stay at your selected location to do a YTTC/Intensive Yoga Course?
No it is not compulsory, if you wish you can stay at our provided location or can stay at the place you wish and come as per the scheduled timings to attend the classes

How do I register my place on the course?
Fill out the online application form. We will process your application within 24 hours Once your application is approved, we will send you payment details to secure your place

When do I need to pay the balance?
You will have to pay your balance on the first day of the course and in exchange for this, you will receive your course materials. You can also pay your balance online before the course starts if this is more convenient. You can pay by cash, credit card, Paypal or an online bank transfer

What is the cheapest way to pay for the course?
The cheapest way to pay for the course is by cash. This avoids any bank fees or charges. We accept British pounds, euros, US dollars, Australian dollars, Swiss francs, Canadian dollars. If you pay by Paypal you will incur a 4% charge; bank transfer 1% and credit cards 2%

What is your refund policy?
We do not offer a refund on any of our courses. However, if you have paid a deposit and for some reason are unable to attend, we will be happy to transfer the deposit to another course. This will be subject to availability.

What If I a miss few classes?
To qualify for the YTTC, trainees must attend the required number of hours 200/300.(200+300=500) If you have to miss a class due to unavoidable reasons, we will do our best to make sure that these hours are made up. There are always yoga classes scheduled at the weekend should need to make up any hours of practice. Attendance is important and we do monitor it closely

Will there be a written and practical exam at the end of the course?
Yes. You will have to meet an assessment criterion to pass the YTTC. You will be assessed on each of the modules. Assessments are both written and practical. Our teachers will give you details of what is expected during the first week. You will have plenty of guidance and support throughout the course

Is it possible to stay and work as a teacher at Yoga Sareeta after the YTTC?From time to time there is the possibility to be employed at our yoga school. Just ask.

Do I need to take Malaria tablets?
We are not qualified to advice about Malaria tablets. The best thing to do is visit your local doctor or travel clinic for advice on Malaria and other vaccinations you may need. Majority of our guests do not take them

I am turning 50; can I still start doing Yoga?
An old Indian adage says that you are only as old as your spine. Yoga restores and maintains flexibility, making it perfect for those who have been inactive for a while as well as those concerned with slowing the aging process. We offer beginners and even gentle classes for those recovering from injuries or physically challenged. There are special workshops that provide education about the spine and how to look after your back specifically

I am pregnant, is it safe for me to do Yoga?
You may want to avoid retention of the breath and prolonged pressure on the abdomen as your baby grows. Your teacher can advise you of modifications as long as you notify him/her before class. Generally yoga is an excellent preparation for childbirth as It enhances your body’s ability to adapt to changing needs during pregnancy and beyond

What do I need to know when I sign up for a course here?
Payments must be made in full to secure your place in a course. We accept payments in cash, Paypal, credit card or online bank transfer. check * All course dates are as indicated; no make-up classes may be scheduled * Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours in advance, in which case you can be transferred to another course (maximum one transfer depending on availability) or we can give you a credit for yoga classes, courses, or workshops * After the start of a course – there are no refunds, and the transfer fee * We do not issue refunds

What clothes are appropriate for Yoga Class?
Wear comfortable, natural clothing that allows you to move freely * Dress in layers * To respect the spiritual atmosphere of the Center we ask that clothing should be modest, covering up a little more than you would at the gym, for example * You will become warm during practice, but you will want to cover up during final relaxation pose * Please do not wear jewellery, fragrances, or spray deodorant at the studio * Do not wear socks during yoga practice

Do I need to bring a mat?
We ask that you bring a mat or towel with you to place over the foam mats that we provide. This keeps the foam mats, clean, intact, and odour free

What do I need to know when I come in for a class?
Please bring a towel or a sticky mat for your practice * Please arrive 15 minutes before class. Students arriving more than 10 minutes late for class will not be admitted * We recommend that you do not eat for at least two to three hours before class * Cell phones must be off in the centre * Changing rooms are available * Please no food, drink, or bulky items in class

When I apply for course I have already agree for terms & conditions ?
Yes sure