Yoga Workshops

Workshops are held Worldwide

Intensive yoga and meditation workshops are held with a variety of active and passive practices, joining the two energy flows within and in so doing bringing harmony and balance to oneself. Yoga helps to minimise and relieve stress in the day to day business of life bringing a feeling of relaxation and happiness. It teaches one to appreciate and become aware and understand one’s body and its uniqueness. It offers one the ability to connect to ones inner self and the source of life, and to becoming more whole.

The program includes

Yoga Asana




Active Meditation: (Physically active enabling the processing of emotions and stress)
Guided Meditation
Silent Sitting Meditation and Conscious Walking Meditation done in nature or a park
George Gurdjieff Sacred Dance – Movement as a meditation
Exploration with Painting – Let’s paint the universal energy through your hands
Yoga Nidra – relaxation
Heart Song – Mantra, Kirtan, Bhajans and Singing. (Participants are welcome to bring their own instruments and participate with us)
Discussion Session – questions and answers

Note: The program may flow spontaneously according to the groups energy