Yoga for Company Staff

Benefits of Yoga for Company Staff

Maximises Productivity and Creativity and Minimises Stress.

With busy workloads and schedules people experience stress and yoga helps one to get relief from day to day stress and improve ones overall performance in the workplace along with physical and mental growth.

Yoga makes you feel relaxed by helping you minimise stress and maximise happiness.
Benefits of Corporate Yoga

1. Increases the efficiency, productivity and creativity of staff .

2. Improves concentration – staff work at a faster pace.

3. Improves health – reduces illness.

4. Improved posture – brings awareness of body posture and ability to correct it and be comfortable and avoid long term problems in the future.

5. Helps create a friendly working environment.

6. Builds up a positive attitude.

7. Sharpens memory and increases mind creativity.

Practicing yoga and meditation benefits both the Company and the individual due to happy productive employees increased output aiding the Companies Growth.
Courses offered for Company Staff

1. Yoga for Beginners
2. Yoga for Intermediates
3. Pranayam Intensive
4. Meditation