Hatha Yoga Course for Beginners

This course is open to Everyone, even those who are absolutely new to Yoga.

Benefits of Yoga:

Yoga helps to minimise and relieve the stress of day to day living and helps one to relax and increase the feeling of happiness. It also teaches one to develop body awareness and respect for ones uniqueness.

What is Hatha Yoga?

Hatha meaning : HA means the SUN and THA means the MOON
The aim of Hatha Yoga Practice is to connect the two energy flows in our body, to harmonize them and to keep them in balance.

In the Hatha Yoga Class for beginners, students will experience the practice of Yoga through a 5 point program which includes the following:-

1. Exercise (Sun salutation and Steady poses)

2. Breathing (Yogic Breathing)

3. Relaxation (Yoga Nidra)

4. Diet (Balanced Vegetarian Diet)

5. Positive attitude towards life

Students are guided through different neck, shoulder and eye exercises to relieve tension in the body. Then through Proper Breathing techniques known as Pranayama.

The Sun Salutation is also taught which aligns and increases flexibility of the spine. It is also a warm-up routine so that all the muscles are stretched and toned in a proper sequence.

The Beginners class will also have leg lifts to work on the core muscles so that poses may be held for longer periods of time. Some of the basic poses that are taught to beginners are the shoulder stand, fish pose, forward bends and triangle poses.

Special variations are done for beginners so that they can perform the pose easily.
All this gives one the opportunity to learn the relationship between the physical and mental level of the person and strengthens one’s self confidence.

A healthy body and mind brings one to ones original human nature as a full being.
Lastly, students will experience a guided relaxation, which is the most rewarding part of the class.

Everyone leaves the class feeling relaxed and restored, reconnected physically , mentally and spiritually.